About Us

“One day my trusted companion, my best friend, my brother we will meet again… But not yet. There is yet one MISSION to complete…”

Together with their dogs, they sustained life-changing injuries whilst on active service. Unfortunately, dogs: Zero was called to the Great Meadow above having been fatally wounded. Max was euthanised having lost his long battle with injury. As a result, losing their ‘partners’ often overshadowed the physical pain Scott and Jimmy learned to cope with on a daily basis. These experiences motivated them to create Pawseidon.

Operating as a K9 team honoured us with a deep understanding of the canine psyche. Whilst receiving treatment and rehabilitation for our own injuries, we realized something truly significant which would change the course of our lives:

The physical and emotional needs of injured humans and injured dogs are almost identical.

Regarding physical and mental state, we asked:

“If rehabilitation through excercise can lead us onto better and more fulfilling lives: is it the same for dogs?”




  • Regardless of age, physical exercise is a major part of modern day life and without it we experience low self-esteem and depressive episodes.
  • The release of endorphins prior to rigorous exercise promotes feelings of exhilaration and wellbeing.
  • Deprivation of mental and physical activity can develop in us, major psychological and physical health problems.

Furthermore, hydrotherapy was pivotal in our rehabilitation and after more soul searching and research:

“Can Hydrotherapy also work for injured dogs?”

Yes It Can…

We put this into practice and developed the first progressive hydrotherapy and fitness program of its kind within the military. The results were astounding.


Health and wellness coaches help people develop individualised strategies for improving their health, exercise, eating and emotional well-being. Effectively, Pawseidon aim to provide for dogs what Health or Wellness coaches provide for people.


We are absolutely committed to the five animal welfare domains and in particular:

  • Freedom from Discomfort
  • Freedom from Pain & Injury
  • Freedom to Express Normal Behaviour


Your dog may have experienced severe physical and mental trauma; be an international athlete or; a loving companion. However, we promote the physical and mental Health of all dogs. At Pawseidon, we don’t dwell on the ‘what is’: we focus on the ‘what can be’…

Through Hydrotherapy and other non-invasive therapies; we provide sound rehabilitation, promote fitness and stimulate mental wellbeing. Once established, our behavioural training wing will promote good behaviour allowing owners and their dogs a chance to strengthen that true and unbreakable connection.

Pawseidon believe in the 1%s. Regardless of the odds: EVERY dog deserves the chance of a better life… so join us.

In the line of duty, Zero was called to rest. As for Max, the physical and mental pain of injury proved too much for him. Sharing Max’s enduring battle with injury equipped us with the power of hindsight, experience and compassion. 

Pawseidon's Mission

To alleviate suffering and promote the wellbeing of canines.



  • Level 3 Cert. in Hydrotherapy for Small Animals.
  • Level 3 Cert. in First Aid for Small Animals.
  • Course Cert. in Animal Behaviour & Welfare (Edinburgh University).
  • AoFAQ Level 3 Award in First Person on Scene Intermediate (RQF).
  • NASDU Level 4 Cert. for Explosive Detection Dog Handling.
  • NASDU Level 2 Award for Patrol Dog Handling.
  • BSc at Leicester University


  • Level 3 Dip. in Hydrotherapy for Small Animals.
  • Level 3 Cert. in First Aid for Small Animals.
  • Course Cert. in Animal Behaviour & Welfare (Edinburgh University).
  • Galen Therapy Centre Workshop: Enhance the Health & Performance of your Canine Athlete.
  • AoFAQ Level 3 Award in First Person on Scene Intermediate (RQF).
  • CFBA CIDBT 4102: Common Canine Behaviour Problems.
  • CFBA CIDBT 4005: Professional Instructor & Management Skills.
  • MSc at Loughborough University

Dedicated to Zero and Max