Professionally Qualified Rehabilitation Centre

Patient variables (primary complaint, age, tolerance) are taken into consideration when deciding on which modality would be the most beneficial for their treatment plan.

Our goals as rehab professionals and patient ability are key when determining which method: Pool or Underwater Treadmill. Aqua therapy, whether it be swimming or submerged walking, can be very beneficial in the rehabilitation process for many patients. The fun part is figuring out which path to take.

Little victories are important at Pawseidon and although each session is carefully tailored to your dogs needs, we also take a pragmatic approach to maximise goals. In accordance with the chartered physiotherapists’ plan, we will be able to advise what is best in terms of hydrotherapy.


At Pawseidon, we offer the most state of the art purpose-built hydrotherapy pool in the South of England: 5m in length, 3.7m in width and 1.2m deep and heated to a temperature of between 28-32 degrees.

The pool is fitted with twin swim jets used to create a current in the pool allowing for longer forward motion and enabling us to increase the intensity of the swims. The jets are also used for fitness training, to provide sensory input to the dog and for the stronger swimmers.

Continuous chlorination and regular laboratory testing ensures as safe swimming environment. A shallow angled access ramp is designed to make it easy for pets that cannot cope with steps. Your dog is fitted with a buoyancy aid and one of our own collars to ensure they are safe in the water.

We take a unique approach to ending a pool session. We believe it is important to bring the heart rate down gently, allowing the dog to relax and experience calm before going home.

Underwater Treadmill

HYDRO PHYSIO (the market leader in providing underwater treadmills for the science of hydrotherapy and we are proud to own one. Our ‘extended’ version’ allows us to treat even the largest dogs.

The majority of those patients using this piece of equipment are dogs with osteoarthritis in multiple joints, those recovering from orthopaedic surgery, or managing a neurologic disease.

Each patient is prepared just the same as if we were performing hydrotherapy in the pool: with an appropriate jacket. We gently lead the patient into the see through underwater treadmill and stay with your dog in the chamber to give maximum reassurance: especially on the first session. The glass doors on either end are secured and the water is filled within the chamber to the desired level (determined by the goals we are trying to achieve). In principle the higher the water level rises in relation to the patient’s body the more buoyancy that is provided. The treadmill is then started at the appropriate speed to encourage steady walking or trotting gait. Depending on the aims of the therapy your dog may do many short bursts of treatments in the one session or one longer one.

Viewing Area

An elevated viewing and waiting area is situated on the first floor and overlooks the pool. This offers you the option to relax and enjoy a drink whilst your dog is receiving any of our treatments.

Shower and Drying Facilities

Prior to and at the end of the session, your dog will be showered and shampooed (if you like). Feel free to bring your own shampoo if you desire. The dog will then be towel dried (and blast dried if pooch is comfortable with the noise). It is important to keep the dog comfortable on your way home so ensure the dog is shrouded or covered appropriately.

Assessment and Rehabilitation Suite

Initially, your dog will need to carefully assessed in order to receive any of our treatments. Assessment may be continuous simply to monitor the progress of your dog throughout the rehabilitation or fitness period.

Situated on the first floor, the Rehabilitation suite offers space for your dog to be coached remedial and rehabilitative exercises from a chartered Physiotherapist.

Treatment Room

Used for the purpose of Physiotherapy and Myotherapy the treatment room is situated on the first floor. The comfortable setting relaxes the senses in order to maximise therapy.